About Us

In this fast paced modern world where people have forgotten about their roots, their culture and their traditions, we have come here to remind you to slow down and relive the simple organic pleasures of life. We at AGRO CROFTERS mainly aim towards the betterment of farmers and free them from the clutches of poverty and bring the society as a whole, to prosperity.

Sugarcane – the sweet taste of life
Sugarcane cultivation has been practiced in India for centuries and we have passed on this legacy to our future generations with the same pride and affection.

In today’s time, the use of chemicals and other harmful cleaning agents has increased tremendously. Such alien and tremendously harmful chemicals used even by leading companies and their mills, can cause drastic health issues. We at AGRO CROFTERS aim towards and promise to provide ,chemical free, purely natural and organic products to you, with love. We are here with one goal in mind and i.e. to offer natural and non-processed sugarcane products. We are here to remind you of the sweet taste of life that we in this urban centric life, have easily forgotten. Our products are Non-GMO, gluten free and 100% natural. One of our main aim is to profit the farmers. They are the ones losing between the battles of others who profit off of them. Our aim is to provide them ,our Anna Daata, the same love and affection that they give to us, by giving us the ultimate gift to life – food, without which one cannot survive.

'AGRO CROFTERS' is the word used for small-scale natural sugar and jaggery making units in India. This term has been used from centuries in the Indian sub-continent. Back in the days, jaggery/Khandsari units used to be the flag bearers of natural and pure organic, chemical free products.

AGRO CROFTERS wishes to relive that dream and bring back the lost glory of jaggery & Khandsari units in India. So join us on this journey to bring back the use of purely natural products that will surely remind you of your roots and the true Indian culture.

In addition to this, AGRO CROFTERS promise to proceed the profits in the hands of our poverty stricken farmers across the nation and for their even more profit take up various other natural products like pulses, oils, Cow/buffalo ghee, spices, honey etc. from farmers all over India for their ultimate benefit and provide them to you at reasonable prices.